alex lettrich
Anonymous: Are you okay? I saw your status on facebook sorry if it's too personal just hope you're alright<3

I am just going through some neurological issue but they said I seem to be getting back on the right track. Just trying to release this negative energy in the best way possible because I can’t get back into yoga quite yet :(


Ayurveda„ intertwined with yoga techniques and .. The term comes from the Sanskrit words Ayur, meaning life, and Veda, meaning knowledge or science~
~Pranayama — breathing exercises. Practicing pranayama helps you feel calm. ~Abhyanga — rubbing the skin with herbal oil to increase blood circulation and draw toxins out of the body through the skin. ~Rasayana — using mantras (repeated words or phrases) during meditation combined with certain herbs to rejuvenate a person. ~Yoga — combining pranayama, movement, and meditation. Yoga has been shown to improve circulation and digestion, and to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, anxiety, and chronic pain. ~Pancha karma — cleansing the body to purify it and reduce cholesterol. Practitioners use methods that cause sweat, bowel movements, and even vomit to cleanse the body of toxins. ~Herbal medicines — prescribing herbs to restore dosha balance.
Anonymous: If you had to make a choice between finding love or following your life long dream which one would you choose?

I want to fall in love with someone who makes every day feel like i’m living in a dream. If that person and I share the same dreams - to see the world and never leave the sea, to be positive and to live simply in happiness - that’s all I could ask for. And honestly, I think I just recently met that person. I’m ecstatic.

Anonymous: What other tattoos do you have?

I have an om, a wave with a seahorse (I study marine biology), a Henry David Thoreau quote “All good things are wild and free” and then a buddha quote, “Life is difficult, suffering is optional”

Anonymous: Your tattoo is beautiful. How badly did it hurt?

Thank you so much! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Worth it :)


live free